Packing Cards Guide

Ensuring your cards are packed securely for shipping is crucial. Follow this guide to prepare your BDV Trading orders with confidence.

Packaging Step by Step
1. Select an Envelope or Box

Opt for a windowless envelope or a sturdy cardboard box. Avoid bubble envelopes due to potential issues for low value orders. Ensure the packaging is the right size - it should either snugly fit the cards or be clearly too large for a mailbox.

2. Sleeve Your Cards

Insert your cards into protective sleeves. Utilize a perfect fit and a tournament sleeve for high-value cards, though dual sleeving isn't mandatory. A single tournament sleeve can hold up to two cards, and a penny sleeve can accommodate four.

3. Use a Top Loader or two cardboard pieces glued together

For added protection, place your sleeved card into a Top Loader.

4. Seal It Up

Seal the sleeve or Top Loader with tape. Add a paper slip before taping to prevent the adhesive from coming into contact with the card.

5. Secure with Cardboard

Mount the sleeved card(s) or Top Loader(s) onto a piece of cardboard cut to fit inside your chosen packaging. Secure with tape to prevent movement.

6. Cover the Cards

Place another piece of cardboard or a postcard over the top and secure. If necessary, use a low-value card as a protective top layer inside the sleeve.

7. Pack It In

Insert your prepared items into the envelope or box. If using a box, ensure the cards are immobilized with packing material. Consider placing cards in an envelope before box packing for double protection.